Client Services

cityGOVERNMENT LOBBYING SERVICES Introductions and meetings with elected state executive and legislative branch officials is a critical component in an agency’s decision- making process. Bottom Line: NGC can frame your objectives succinctly and purposefully to position your company or organization to elected officials and policymakers.

GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT SERVICES Northeast states and municipalities, especially the State of New York and the City of New York, award millions of dollars of competitively bid government contracts. Bottom Line: NGC can give you a competitive edge in securing government contracts.

meetingBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING A business development and marketing effort is critical for increasing any company or organization’s public sector business. Bottom Line: NGC can broker new business relationships and turbocharge your sales team with communication and marketing techniques that can make revenues soar.

LEGISTLATIVE & REGULATORY MONITORING SERVICES NGC regularly monitors legislative hearings and committee meetings as well as the activities of government agencies. In addition to testifying at public hearings and providing written testimony on your behalf, we track legislation and proposed regulations. Bottom Line: NGC assures you a complete understanding and awareness of all legislative and regulatory matters that affect your business.

billofrightsSTATE & LOCAL REGULATORY COMPLIANCE In an ever-competitive business environment, understanding the statutes and regulations that impact your business is essential. Bottom Line: NGC has the statutory expertise to ensure your company or organization is forever in complete compliance.

STRATEGIC PLANNING Without foresight and planning, even a company’s best laid plans may not materialize. Bottom Line: NGC has the experience to anticipate the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your company’s objectives, particularly in a shifting political landscape.

governmentbuildingsECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SERVICES New or expanding businesses may be eligible for grants and tax credits that can provide an economic advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. NGC’s affiliation with a nationally recognized expert in economic development maximizes this advantage. Bottom Line: NGC has the technical expertise, knowledge, and understanding of the potential economic benefits to ensure you receive all the grants and other financial support to which you may be entitled.